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Do you do dry cleaning?

No, we just do regular wash/dry/fold. You can learn more about our dropoff service here. 

Do you seriously never close?

We never close, but we always ... clothes. 


I have no detergent. Help!

Chill, we got you covered. We sell detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and laundry bags, just to name a few. But donuts and coffee are always free.

Laundry is boring. Fix it!

Well, that's not exactly a question, but we get your point. We know you'll be here for a bit doing laundry, so we try to keep it fun. Click here for how we do that. 

Cash or credit?

BOTH! Washers, dryers, vending machines, soap sales. Pay your way. 


Where does lost clothes go

Have you heard of the multiverse?

If you lost/left something here, we keep found clothes for about 2 weeks. Other items, like phones and wallets, are kept behind the front counter. Just come up and ask.

Are you really the largest?

We are! A contest was held by the laundry industry, and we were the BIG winner.

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